Landgraf Uhren

24 months Landgraf carefree guarantee plus

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24 months all-round carefree service guarantee:

  • Warranty on movement and functionality of the watch
  • Warranty against water damage
  • Warranty on the bracelet
  • 24 hour support on Instagram

Should one of the above cases of damage occur, your watch will be replaced free of charge and as soon as possible.

Anna S.
This particular watch in rose gold with the world map in the dial is unique from the background of the dial, I like the symbol of the world map as a cosmopolitan one , freedom-loving person especially.The rose gold accentuates this symbol particularly well and makes the watch shine even more.Your wear fills me with joy and pride.
Daniela W.
I think the color is super beautiful
Carmen D.
super beautiful watch, simple yet elegant.
Amy H.
I like the watches very much, the clasps to "slide" so not the ones with the holes are a bit "cumbersome" or my arm is quite thin, which is why the whole strap is put under the watch again goes around, and you couldn't possibly shorten it. Otherwise very good quality and nice watches with nice details
Petra I.
nice and comfortable
Karo P.
Very beautiful and elegant.
Christiane F.
Great bracelet and very nice to wear! The size can be adjusted individually
Juri K.
Georgia K.
Just great. Timeless design meets class.
lara l.
Very advantageous.
Sofia P.
Petra I.
beautiful & comfortable to wear
Christine B.
The watch is great
Susanne W.
Unfortunately I had to wait a long time for the watch due to delivery problems, but it was worth it. The Santorini Edition watch was a gift for my daughter and she wears it regularly. Since we are rose gold fans, a real must-have.
Johanna R.
A very nice watch ... great design! I can only recommend her!
Anna B.
I got an answer on Instagram & the watch is also working directly. Changing the size was a bit annoying.
Loreen K.
Great service!
Julia M.
This watch really is an absolute eye-catcher! I ordered a Landgrave watch with a simple but timeless pink leather strap and I'm really excited. The watch is just as I imagined, really beautiful. The golden color matches perfectly and I am very satisfied and can only warmly recommend Landgrauhren.
Nina N.
I love this watch from Landgraf It simply goes with every occasion and outfit, whether elegant or casual
Maria M.
Very happy with the items!
Julia L.
The order went without any problems, the watch is of very good quality and the shipping was also quick. I am very satisfied and would order here again at any time.
Justine K.
Beautiful! I'm really in love Super comfortable, very nicely finished - very satisfied!
Basma K.
The Santorini watch is great for everyday use and also for elegant events I am very pleased.
Vanessa B.
Top quality I am very satisfied and everyone asks where the watch is from
Pamela H.
The watch is very easy to wear and also looks super nice :) I'm already looking forward to wearing the other watches!
Lena N.
The "World Edition Silver Black" watch is very beautiful and can be combined with any clothing. I love that you can resize these watches to any size on the fly. Really great!
Bernadette E.
Simply good
Melanie B.
Very happy with the clock
Tirana M.
Samantha S.
I have for the second time ordered a watch and love it
Alwina S.
The watch is light and fits my wrist perfectly. The marble-look dial is a real eye-catcher and looks "très-chic". just beautiful!
Sabrina C.
Super nice design, comfortable to wear and good quality. I'm thrilled
Grit L.
I find it very pleasant that you are secured.
Veronika R.
Such a beautiful watch, my smartwatch has had its day. So simple but also elegant, could buy many more...
Chiara Aliya S.
The watch is very beautiful and has a very good quality!
Eileen E.
I wear it every day, alternating with my other watch. i just love her
Marie C.
I love the watch - you can't even feel it - fits perfectly - and looks very classy
Michelle W.
These watches are just super cool and look wonderful thank you
Tamara D.
Just great! It always complements my outfit and simply fits into every everyday life! <3
Cindy P.
Great watch Received many compliments and people often asked where I got the watch
Lisa S.
Always absolutely satisfied. Quality like design
Michaela G.
I think the watches are super beautiful and very elegant. They are sent very well with adhesive foil. So that the sensitive parts such as the bracelet or glass are not damaged.
Francesca O.
Troppo bello e comodo
Claudia P.
A really nice watch , with a great bracelet, which is easily and continuously adjustable. Looks very high quality is nice and flat and light. Sporty chic
Altun A.
The watch looks very nice and the quality is very good.
Stephanie M .
Great watch. Always my pleasure
Gaetana L.
Very beautiful and elegant
Sabrina H.
Super nice watch, which feels pleasant on the skin. Can be changed into all sizes.
Meike M.
Wonderful watch!
Tamara M.
The quality is really very good! The delivery time is also short and you are happy when the postman rings. The packaging is also very good and the watch is fully protected, so you don't have to worry about anything happening in transit! :)
Melissa M.
Very handy
Marina G.
Fast delivery. Nicely packaged. Nice product. I would recommend it.
Stefanie M.
The watch arrived well packaged, in a box of higher quality, at least visually. It has a very comfortable wearing conform. The world map on it is not directly visible, which I think is very nice.
Nicole B.
The watch arrived very quickly! And she looks great
Marianthi L.
Suitable for any size and is very comfortable to wear. The delivery is also very fast.
Betty B.
Dear ladies and gentlemen, really great, fragile design ❤️ and a very good fit
Lisa E
Just great
Michaela R.
This watch was a gift to my niece. She is very enthusiastic about this watch. However, if I had known that I would still be bothered with emails from them weeks after the purchase, I would NEVER have ordered them. By the way, I didn't apply to be an influencer with them and I have no interest in becoming one! I am also not interested in a free watch or any other offers from you! I am now so annoyed by the constant e-mails from you that I advise everyone not to buy a watch from you and hereby request you to delete my data forever!! Thank you
Celina S.
It is worn every day. I love them!
Jessica B.
I think it's great that you also get such a long guarantee. Watches can be really delicate and I wear one every day. So thank you Landgrave watches!
Stefanie S.
The watches are beautiful. And you can combine the ears with different clothing styles you can't do bad things with the ears you can also use them creatively yes I always think that's a good idea
Andrea M.
Simple and elegant!
Angelina M.
The watch fits perfectly. I always have trouble finding a watch for my thin wrist but these watches fit perfectly. They are visually elegant and sporty at the same time suitable for every occasion. Highly recommended ❤️
Nadine F.
My review with photo:
Lea G.
Super great! Love it ❤
Annegret R.
Simply priceless
Dilara A.
Hello everyone, I can recommend this beautiful watch. This watch is super comfortable, top quality and goes with every outfit. Kind regards D.1.Laraa
Christina B.
Comfortable to wear Visually a highlight Only a second hand would be nice
Bianca L.
Super satisfied!!!!
Jennifer C.
The perfect watch
Naomi B.
Good delivery time Good choice Great quality
Annegret R.
Just beautiful watches, very timeless and elegant.
Anabel F.
Great watch! After wearing it for the first time, the leather has already "adapted" to my arm! ❤️
Wendy N.
Very beautiful, simple but elegant watch!
Miriam H.
The watches are wonderful and very finely crafted and they nestle perfectly against the skin! I am over the moon with both and the delivery was perfect too!
Michaela H.
Very chic watch, fast delivery
Tashina K.
I am as always more than enthusiastic
Regina E.
Super fast delivery and beautiful watches with great offers
Elke H.
Great watch by @landgraf see photo. I'm so glad I bought these. Goes with everything the hands and numerals are large. Cool, comfortable bracelet..I can only say... Wow
Linda W.
The watches are awesome
Laura L.
I was enchanted The workmanship has a fine, elegant touch and the watch has a strong character.
Leara M.
Beautiful watches, top quality and just a dream
andrea p.
Stylish and trendy the watch from Landrat in white with gold
Carol M.
Fits well on my rather thin wrist, which is not always easy with watches.
Maria Z.
The watch looks really classy
Leonie W.
Super beautiful❤️✨
Nicole H.
Super fast delivery and really good support
Jasmin M.
Nice colour, wearable with different outfits.
Miena P.
The watch is beautiful, I love wearing it.
Peggy W.
The watch is very chic and looks classy. The packaging was really nice. The dial looks super nice. This will be my new favorite piece of jewelry.
Sabrina N.
Everything great