Landgraf Uhren

New York Edition

€129 €139

In stock! Ready for dispatch in 1-3 days✨
Strictly Limited. The classic golden case combined with an exclusive gray leather strap reflect the magnificent luxury of New York's skyscrapers.
Movement: Swiss quartz movement
Water resistance: 5ATM
Glass: Scratch and break-resistant sapphire glasss
Material: 316L stainless steel
Size: 38mm
Therese S.
Great leather bracelet with it, super processed, love her
Jessica K.
It looks very classy. I'm often asked what kind of fancy watch that is. The quality is great too. I can't say anything negative. :)
Helke Marie C.
A beautiful watch that goes perfectly with any outfit!
Laura W.
I already love the watch so much
Jessica B.
Comfortable to wear, very stylish and also with one she looks great on her small wrist.
Jasmin C.
Very comfortable watch strap. Perfect for everyday wear
Aliya K.
Very nice watch. Super comfortable to wear
Jennifer S.
Super design.. Elegant and extremely comfortable to wear
Michelle B.
Delivery took longer than stated, but will be due to the high volume of DHL. The watch is beautiful and looks very classy for the price. Comfortable to wear.
Katja M.
I love my new Lamdgraf watch. Just unpacking it from the stylish box was a delight. The clock beamed at me. It is very high quality processed and looks super classy and chic. I really like wearing them. This will definitely not be the last watch I order from you.
Lea D.
Super good quality and really super beautiful!
Amela M.
Got the watch from @Landgraf today. I am very satisfied. The watch looks nice. Classic design with a gray leather strap. You can combine the watch with any look, regardless of whether it's a sporty or elegant simply goes with it..I can only recommend Landgraf Watches
Juliane F.
Beautiful watch. Very comfortable to wear and the simple elegance makes it a great match for any outfit.
Lydia B.
She suits me perfectly
Kristin S.
It is very beautiful and comfortable to wear!
Sarah S
All in all a great watch.
Anastasia J.
She looks very beautiful and has a good quality
Petra I.
beautiful and comfortable to wear
Michelle F.
She fits perfectly
Isabella F.
This watch is currently my favorite watch :)
Gerd S.
The watch is really fantastic. Really desirable. Can't recommend a better one. Is worth the price.
Alina M.
The watch is great and comfortable to wear. Fits perfectly with every outfit.
Karo P.
The watch is very elegant and very practical for everyday school life.
Miriana Laura M.
A beautiful, simple watch that enchants everyone. Goes with every outfit and is definitely an eye-catcher.
Melanie L.
Really nice watch, I'm really satisfied
Kathrin C.
The watch is beautiful, because the strap is gray and the case is gold, you can wear it with any style, whether elegant or sporty.
Sandra E.
Super compatible with lots of styles
Sandra R.
I find her clock really great. Wear it often, especially when working outside, it quickly gets a bit dirty, but you can get it super clean. It's also very comfortable to wear
Patrizia P.
A super nice watch. The bracelet is comfortable around the wrist. Goes with everything.
Michelle P.
Super comfortable to wear. Comfortable material.
Zoe V.
Very nice watch. great quality Just great.
Lydia P.
Incredibly beautiful, great material and was there very quickly. I'm totally satisfied!
Sarah P.
I love this watch, it goes with every outfit and it's easy to wear.
Laura R.
I love this watch, it goes with every look and is easy to wear. Shipping was also quick and without problems.
Kirsten L.
I think the watch is so beautiful. I am very happy!
Jaqueline G.
I am thrilled the watch is beautiful ❤️
Maya H.
I have had very good experiences with Landgraf, the quality is really great and the shipping was really fast too
Lisa W.
Very comfortable to wear and light and beautiful
Lisa K.
I love this watch
Annike P.
Super quality, there is a suitable design for every taste.
Annegret R.
A beautiful, timeless and elegant watch that is absolutely worth its price.
Ramona B.
A great watch! Goes with every outfit
Lisa F.
Fast delivery. The watch is so gorgeous and comfy to wear. Goes with every outfit. Would I order again. :)
Jane L.
A very nice watch, that's all I can say. Because nothing more can be said.
Volker L.
Very long delivery time, but the watch is beautiful!
Racquel A.
I like it
Nadin S.
I ordered two watches and they both look really beautiful. It's definitely not the last order. Nothing to complain about.
Linda D.
Very good
Janina L.
I absolutely love this one Watch, this is now my third watch from Landgraf and I am overjoyed that I chose these beautiful watches, I also recommended them to my friends right after my first order. I look forward to future purchases from you and thank you for this heartfelt commitment!
Cheyenne S.
I love her. She is beautiful!!!
Julia B.
Super comfortable to wear. Beautiful watches fast delivery time. Very stylish!
Gabriele K.
A beautiful high quality watch. It looks really fantastic and fits perfectly on the wrist too.
Roman T.
I was so happy when she came. Am soo happy that I chose it, the delivery time was also short. I am soo satisfied
Laura V.
I can only recommend this watch ❤ stylish for everyday use and functional❤
Lee-Ann K.
Super workmanship and great looks. Fits great
Christin T.
Very beautiful, very filigree and very noble
Michelle H.
I love YOU ❤️ the watch is not only simply beautiful and goes with every outfit every day, but is also wonderfully high-quality processed. I've been wearing it every day since I've had it and it lasts 1A so it manages my mom's everyday life without any problems ❤️ I would order here again at any time, it was super fast and arrived beautifully packaged
Saskia H.
The watch adapts perfectly to the wrist and sits comfortably. Very elegant
Lisa K.
The watch has a very nice design and what is best, the watch can be combined with any outfit
Sabrina M.
Super great watch
Nicole S.
Time... I actually never have enough time! That's why my new, super beautiful Landgrave watch is also one of my favorite accessories ❤️ Classic and noble! Just how I like it! Thanks to my Landgraf team
Svea S.
I wear the watch every day because you can combine it with everything. I think they're really great !!
Gina K.
Super beautiful.... great workmanship. Class design. Timelessly beautiful.
Natalie U.
I love the quality. And I think it's very nice that the gold tone is totally pure and has no undertone.
Celine B.
Landgraf is such a great brand and has such good quality!
Katharina I.
Very nice watch.
Laura T.
The watch is simply beautiful. Suitable for both everyday and chic occasions
Ilaria R.
Beautiful color and a great watch! Will be given as a Christmas present
Michaela H.
Very nice watch
Ariatani W.
I I'm satisfied, nice design.
Silke K.
Love this watch very well and comfortable to wear. Easy to read.
Jessica L.
Super nice watch! The shipping was really fast & the watch absolutely exceeds expectations.
Stella O.
This watch is very beautiful, classic and high quality. ❤️❤️
Leonie B.
Very nice material and very nice to wear. The leather is well made and it fits like a glove. I love them!!
Tatjana B.
I love these watches!! Good quality, workmanship and great selection for everyone! I love to wear the watches you can combine them very well. They are suitable for every occasion!
Melanie K.
The leather is very soft It is comfortable to wear. And it goes with everything
Sandy S.
I love this watch. I'm blown away by her.
Ayfer K.
Michelle Tatjana H.
Absolutely satisfied Love them, perfect, stylish and a dream.
Linda R.
Very happy the watches are very beautiful
Kristina B.
The leather is really very comfortable, it doesn't scratch anything through the armored glass. The best watch I've had in a long time. I love her ! Thank you
Irene S.
I'm super happy with the watch. It also arrived very quickly and was packaged very nicely. Disgn is mega beautiful ❤️
Karoline L.
It just fits perfectly with every style of clothing, just woof
Alexandra N.
I think the watch is really beautiful.The dial is nice and big, I've been looking for a watch like this for a long time
Tina A.
Awesome watch. I love her. Super comfortable and the right size of the dial.